How long will my wedding film be?

My wedding films are normally anywhere between 8-12 minutes long. I find this is the perfect length to do your day justice.

If you are having the speeches filmed they will be delivered separately.


What equipment do you use?

If you're interested in technicals, I shoot on a Sony FS7 Film Camera with Canon and Sigma Lenses, Rode Microphones and Manfrotto support.

If this means nothing to you, don't worry, just know it's an absolute beast!


How will the film be delivered?

The final film will be uploaded onto my Vimeo account with your own personal link so all your family and friends can watch.


How long will the film take to arrive?

We will agree the final delivery date but, in general, it takes 4-6 weeks.


Are you insured?

Yes. I have full public liability insurance. 


My wedding is far away, do you travel?

Yes indeed!

If your wedding is in the U.K. mainland then I will drive - this is priced at £0.45 per mile.

If I have to travel over 3 hours, I will need a bed.

If your wedding is abroad then we will find the most economical way to get there, but the associated costs will have to be covered.


Are there any hidden costs, like VAT?

Nope. Apart from additional travel, everything is included and will be discussed and finalised before your big day so you can relax.


Where can I use my film?

You can share it as far and wide as you desire - it's your choice. The only limitations to be aware of are that you cannot reproduce hard copies due to music licensing and that any film being used commercially will require my permission. 

Copyright will remain with me - don't worry though, this is standard for all film production.



If you are ready to book your wedding, or want to chat some more then please get in touch!